Discover Dogs & Eye Tests!

A bit late, but Bilbo had a fantastic day up at Earls Court doing his stint in the Lancashire Heeler booth at Discover Dogs last Saturday, along with Nellie and Basil!  With just three dogs on duty and a continuous stream of people coming over to pet, hug, photograph and generally chat about Heelers, they did ever so well to keep going all day, and then the traffic was horrendous leaving Earls Court – so a very long day for all of us.  What was so nice to see was several families coming back at the end of the day to see their favourite breed one more time before leaving!

Then on Wednesday off to have eye tests and both Bilbo and Pickle passed with flying colours.  Pickle is a clear for PLL while Bilbo is a carrier so we make sure to have regular eye tests just to be on the safe side.