Grass snake

Snake Alert!

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A Snake warning with the sunny weather – Pickle would not come in and was barking furiously in the garden.  Stephen found her trying to attack this beautiful 3′ long grass snake which was about to squirt her with foul smelling liquid.  Luckily it was harmless, but she has been known to find an adder and try to attack it as well.  I always thought a dog would be sensible, like us, and run a mile from a snake but unfortunately our two girls gang up and are fearless!  Must be the terrier instincts within them. We live on an […]

Dora taking a break

Couch to 5k with your dog

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How to get fitter for agility – Couch to 5k with your dog! Dora and I have started a 9 week course of Couch to 5k with Poole Joggers.   Well, I have joined Poole Joggers and Dora accompanies us on the two practice runs in between! It is a course especially designed for beginners – based on the NHS Couch to 5k plan  – and is ideal for anyone looking to take up running, meet new friends and get active! You can download the NHS App from the above link and do it yourself or, as we do, use the […]

Alabama Rot

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Our local vets have an Information Sheet on Alabama Rot written by Anderson Moores, specialists vets who are investigating this disease.  It is becoming more prominent in the news nowadays, with warnings about walking dogs in wet and muddy areas – however with the weather being as it is at the moment, it is near impossible to walk the dogs anywhere that is dry! An interesting post on fb was written by someone who had lost one of her dogs to this disease, yet her other dogs showed no symptoms at all.  Her advice was to carry on enjoying the muddy […]

Discover Dogs & Eye Tests!

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A bit late, but Bilbo had a fantastic day up at Earls Court doing his stint in the Lancashire Heeler booth at Discover Dogs last Saturday, along with Nellie and Basil!  With just three dogs on duty and a continuous stream of people coming over to pet, hug, photograph and generally chat about Heelers, they did ever so well to keep going all day, and then the traffic was horrendous leaving Earls Court – so a very long day for all of us.  What was so nice to see was several families coming back at the end of the day […]