Mikey Ben with the dogs

Burghley Game Fair 2019

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Stephen took Bilbo & Pickle up to Burghley for the Living Heritage Game & Country Fair on the last May Bank Holiday weekend.  He met up with son David and family who brought along their campervan.  I stayed at home with Dora and the puppies and had various friends staying or visiting so it was good for Stephen to have the company and help!

Our thanks also go to Carole Beaumont, her husband and Ella for helping out on the stand on the Sunday and also to Vanessa, Dom and Tweed for joining Stephen on the Monday.

Our grandsons had a wonderful time trying out all the hunting and shooting activities, as well as taking the dogs around the agility course and helping out on the stand!

 Mikey and Bilbo doing agility  


Grass snake

Snake Alert!

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A Snake warning with the sunny weather – Pickle would not come in and was barking furiously in the garden.  Stephen found her trying to attack this beautiful 3′ long grass snake which was about to squirt her with foul smelling liquid.  Luckily it was harmless, but she has been known to find an adder and try to attack it as well.  I always thought a dog would be sensible, like us, and run a mile from a snake but unfortunately our two girls gang up and are fearless!  Must be the terrier instincts within them.

We live on an area that used to be heathland with woods behind us.  We also have compost heaps in the garden which snakes like, either to lay eggs in or bask on.

So be aware of the snakes who are basking in the sunshine and generally harmless, but be able to recognise an adder which has the distinctive diamond pattern along its back.

Useful tip: keep a piriton tablet in a pocket when you go for a walk as its antihistamine properties could help your dog if it does happen to get bitten.

Dora got stung on the nose by a wasp once and in the five minutes it took us to walk home her face had swelled so much she looked like a Bull Terrier.  Ringing the vet in a panic, I was told to give her a piriton and thankfully by the end of the evening her face had returned to normal!


Puppy on heat mat

Dora’s Diary – Four weeks’ old!

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Puppies are now just over four weeks’ old and getting more independent.  Dora is enjoying more time away and going for longer walks, they also have beautiful little teeth which is another reason she is reluctant to feed them for so long!

The pups and Dora come upstairs and sleep in the bedroom overnight and then their slave (ie me!) carries them back down to the puppy pen in the sitting room.  An extension has been added and they are now tumbling out of the pen to explore.  Newspaper is a bit slippy for them so they have a mixture of surfaces to run around on – on top of a tarpaulin.  I am trying puppy pads to see if they can learn to use these as they appear more absorbent than newspaper but so far it is something else to chew and play tug with!

As a treat, I had some eggs from our Call Ducks so decided pups could have a couple scrambled for their early morning breakfast in bed – it was definitely a hit and got everywhere. Afraid the video below is a little dark but they are having fun with food:


Weaning puppies

Dora’s Diary – Weaning begins!

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The puppies are now three weeks’ old so weaning begins!  Dora is starting to spend more time away from her pups and enjoys going for short walks, although as soon as she sees another dog in the distance she wants to turn around and head for home.  It’s as if she suddenly remembers she has puppies to look after and protect!

We start off with some warm puppy milk which they seem to enjoy but as soon as they get fed up Dora steps in and polishes everything off.  Scrambled egg is certainly a favourite and something that can be bathed and paddled in – see the video below.  Consequently the puppies are smeared with food but Dora enjoys cleaning even more!  


Pile of Puppies

Dora’s Diary – Day 23 Naughty pups!

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Pups are finding their feet and getting more noisy and naughty – there is always one who wants to rule the roost and boss the others about.  However, when things start getting out of hand mum Dora wades in to sort them out!

See the video below, can’t believe how the pups are growing compared to a week or so ago.   

For more info, please go to the Puppies page and look at our other blog pages.

Dora watching her sleeping puppies

Dora’s Diary – Day 20 pups on their feet!

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The puppies are planning a break out in the video below and are starting to find their feet although a bit wobbly on their little legs!

They are certainly more vocal and the bolder pups are trying to lick Dora’s bowl of puppy milk so this weekend they will be relocated to the larger puppy pen in the living room.

They have already had a few visitors, mainly close family and friends, who Dora vets very carefully.  She is quite happy for the pups to be picked up and held but does get concerned when they start squeaking or making “oofing” noises!

For more info go to our Puppies page

Dora and her puppies

Dora’s Diary – Day 16

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Scroll down for the latest video!

So the puppies are 16 days’ old now, their eyes are open and they are certainly getting more mobile though there is a lot of rolling over rather than walking!   The puppies have all tripled their birth weight and eyes opened around day 12.  They are kept in our study in the quiet until they are more mobile when they will be brought out into the sitting room and the fun begins!

They are starting to become more noisy and we’ve even heard a little bark.  It is quite natural for the puppies to twitch whilst sleeping and shows normal development.  Their little claws grow quite quickly and they have had a manicure twice now to keep the sharp claws from digging into Mum as they paddle when feeding!

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