New Puppies for Ginny & Toby!

We are thrilled to announce the happy arrival of four male puppies – two black & tan and two liver & tan – to Ginny (Pink Ginny) & Toby (Madinrowd Edred) in the early hours of 19 July 2021. Mum and puppies are doing really well and congratulations to first time breeders Anna & James! Please email us here at Madincrowd and any enquiries can be forwarded on.

Puppy videos

We have added a link to our MadinCrowd Facebook page and YouTube channel – these can be found on the sidebar to the right or by clicking on the links in this post. Puppy videos are updated regularly to our YouTube channel so that you can see how the puppies are progressing and we use the Facebook page to put snippets of what we do with our dogs as well. Do hope you enjoy the […]

New kid on the block!

We are thrilled to announce that we will be keeping one of Dora‘s puppies – Toby, aka Madincrowd Edred. He is a delightful little dog and is already getting the hang of charging through the tunnel in the garden.  Puppy agility has started and he will do anything to get hold of his sheepskin tuggy!    

Puppy Tea Party

Whilst we still had all the puppies together we decided to have our usual Tea Party as its a wonderful get together and great way to get puppies socialised and to meet children of all ages. Saturday 1 June was a lovely sunny day for a tea party in the garden with puppies and children taking centre stage! Friends brought their children and cake, we made the tea and squash – it was great fun […]

Puppy on heat mat

Dora’s Diary – Four weeks’ old!

Puppies are now just over four weeks’ old and getting more independent.  Dora is enjoying more time away and going for longer walks, they also have beautiful little teeth which is another reason she is reluctant to feed them for so long! The pups and Dora come upstairs and sleep in the bedroom overnight and then their slave (ie me!) carries them back down to the puppy pen in the sitting room.  An extension has […]

Weaning puppies

Dora’s Diary – Weaning begins!

The puppies are now three weeks’ old so weaning begins!  Dora is starting to spend more time away from her pups and enjoys going for short walks, although as soon as she sees another dog in the distance she wants to turn around and head for home.  It’s as if she suddenly remembers she has puppies to look after and protect! We start off with some warm puppy milk which they seem to enjoy but […]

Pile of Puppies

Dora’s Diary – Day 23 Naughty pups!

Pups are finding their feet and getting more noisy and naughty – there is always one who wants to rule the roost and boss the others about.  However, when things start getting out of hand mum Dora wades in to sort them out! See the video below, can’t believe how the pups are growing compared to a week or so ago. For more info, please go to the Puppies page and look at our other […]