Recipe for Liver Cake

Making your own dog treats isn’t that complicated and is a way of knowing exactly what ingredients go into the treats.   Our dogs absolutely love the liver cake treats and will do anything for them!

This is a very easy recipe and you can basically use whatever sort of flour you have in the cupboard – I often use a mixture of wholemeal and oats for example.  The garlic is optional but I add it as it helps keep the dogs healthy and as added protection against ticks and fleas.

For the little cupcakes in the photo above I made the recipe below but used the tiny cupcake cases for some of the mixture as it was for a party occasion 🙂  The ‘icing’ is a blob of basic cream cheese.


1lb liver

8oz pl flour

1 large egg

3 tbs olive oil

5 tbs water

Garlic – optional


Liquidise liver with egg, garlic, oil & water

Add flour to get a dropping consistency (add more flour or water if required)

Line a baking tray with greaseproof paper and spread the mixture in the tin

Bake 35-40 mins – 190C / 375F / Gas 5

Cut into tiny squares

Will keep for a week in fridge or can freeze in batches