How to make a Snuffle Mat!

Snuffle mats can be made very easily and keep dogs occupied using their nose to find either small treats or kibble – especially useful when the weather is wet – they are also easily portable and washable.


Click on Dora to see her in action!


You will need:
  • A fleecy throw or two (I found some in Wilko)
  • A Rubber mat – you can use an outdoor mat or a sink drainer
  • Sharp scissors
  • Plus some patience and a good film on tv!

Cut the fleece into long strips about 2 inches wide and varying in length from between 7 – 10 inches

 Knot the strips through each hole of the mat.

Keep going and either make up a pattern or keep the colours random – the dogs won’t mind!


The back will start to look like this.


Turn it over and the mat begins to take shape.