Couch to 5k with your dog

Dora taking a break

How to get fitter for agility – Couch to 5k with your dog!

Dora and I have started a 9 week course of Couch to 5k with Poole Joggers.   Well, I have joined Poole Joggers and Dora accompanies us on the two practice runs in between! It is a course especially designed for beginners – based on the NHS Couch to 5k plan  – and is ideal for anyone looking to take up running, meet new friends and get active!

You can download the NHS App from the above link and do it yourself or, as we do, use the app to help you on the two runs you have to do during the week.  Dora kept up really well and has the company of her friend Podrick, a standard poodle, who runs rings around her while the rest of us are struggling to keep up the pace at the moment!  I am sure it will get easier in time 🙂

More photos to follow, if I survive …