Dora’s Diary – Four weeks’ old!

Puppy on heat mat

Puppies are now just over four weeks’ old and getting more independent.  Dora is enjoying more time away and going for longer walks, they also have beautiful little teeth which is another reason she is reluctant to feed them for so long!

The pups and Dora come upstairs and sleep in the bedroom overnight and then their slave (ie me!) carries them back down to the puppy pen in the sitting room.  An extension has been added and they are now tumbling out of the pen to explore.  Newspaper is a bit slippy for them so they have a mixture of surfaces to run around on – on top of a tarpaulin.  I am trying puppy pads to see if they can learn to use these as they appear more absorbent than newspaper but so far it is something else to chew and play tug with!

As a treat, I had some eggs from our Call Ducks so decided pups could have a couple scrambled for their early morning breakfast in bed – it was definitely a hit and got everywhere. Afraid the video below is a little dark but they are having fun with food: