Lancashire Heeler Info

Information about the Lancashire Heeler on the Kennel Club website

There are two Lancashire Heeler Clubs in the UK:

The Lancashire Heeler section of Champdogs

Join the Lancashire Heeler Community – a site for all Heeler enthusiasts with loads of info

And if you are into genealogy, then take a look at the Lancashire Heeler Pedigree Database

Would you like more Puppy Pictures, mainly of Bilbo (Beau Brummell) and his litter mates? Then visit Lancashire Heeler Puppies


How about getting your dog’s portrait done?  It makes a wonderful keepsake:

  Bilbo’s portrait by Aron Gadd at Dogs in Art

  Pickle’s portrait by Marc Mitchard can be seen here: Pickle – Dogs in Art

  Dora has just had her portrait done in pastels by Mark Hankinson, a local Dorset artist – he has captured her beautifully as she often sits    like this watching the world go by but ready to leap into action, especially if a pigeon or squirrel comes into view!


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