Dora watching her sleeping puppies

Dora’s Diary – Day 20 pups on their feet!

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The puppies are planning a break out in the video below and are starting to find their feet although a bit wobbly on their little legs!

They are certainly more vocal and the bolder pups are trying to lick Dora’s bowl of puppy milk so this weekend they will be relocated to the larger puppy pen in the living room.

They have already had a few visitors, mainly close family and friends, who Dora vets very carefully.  She is quite happy for the pups to be picked up and held but does get concerned when they start squeaking or making “oofing” noises!

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Dora and her puppies

Dora’s Diary – Day 16

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Scroll down for the latest video!

So the puppies are 16 days’ old now, their eyes are open and they are certainly getting more mobile though there is a lot of rolling over rather than walking!   The puppies have all tripled their birth weight and eyes opened around day 12.  They are kept in our study in the quiet until they are more mobile when they will be brought out into the sitting room and the fun begins!

They are starting to become more noisy and we’ve even heard a little bark.  It is quite natural for the puppies to twitch whilst sleeping and shows normal development.  Their little claws grow quite quickly and they have had a manicure twice now to keep the sharp claws from digging into Mum as they paddle when feeding!

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Dora and Pickle at the Game Fair

Game Fairs 2019

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The year is passing so quickly and once again the Game Fairs are upon us with the May Bank Holidays approaching fast!  We had a wonderful time last year going around the country attending all the Living Heritage Game Fairs.  However this year Netley and Essex Game Fairs have been dropped mainly due to the weather last year which was too hot at Netley and too wet and cold at Essex.  So hoping this year will be better!

Calling any interested Heeler owners?

We are always looking out for Lancashire Heeler owners who would like to come and give a couple of hours or more of their time to talk to the public about our breed.  It is surprising how many people have never heard of them – they are fascinated to meet the dogs, enjoy petting them and having a face washed at the same time!  It is a surprise to many that they are not better known as a breed since they make small, attractive and lively companions.

If anyone is interested in coming along then please get in touch with us – see contact details below.  We can organise free entry to the show and can offer refreshments throughout the day!  We have a large pen for the dogs and we swap them around so they do not get too tired entertaining the public all day.  There is usually a minor breeds parade during the day when the various dog breeds are taken into the arena and we introduce them to the audience, as well as lots of other doggie activities to take part in or watch.  Chase the Bunny is the one our Heelers love and go beserk at – in fact Spot became a Chase the Bunny Champion at Netley last year!

Dates and locations of the Game Fairs for 2019 are:

5-6 May – Thame Country Fair

26-27 May – Burghley Game & Country Fair

24-26 August – Cheshire Game & Country Fair

7-8 September – Sandringham Game & Country Fair

28-29 September – Wiltshire Game & Country Fair

Dora in kissing mode!

Heeler herding sheep

Training a Lancashire Heeler to herd sheep

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Ann Jordan has kindly sent me a piece about her gorgeous liver and tan Heeler, Flora, and how she started to train her for herding.  We meet her each year at Discover Dogs so she is a multi-talented little dog!

Wanting to “downsize” from Collies and Kelpies, I chose a Lancashire Heeler to help with sheep control in the future.  Not really knowing anything about how a Heeler may work, I was taking a risk but having met one or two, I decided it was worth it. 

Basic training was easy as Flora was very bright and eager to learn but there was a hilarious aspect to the ‘heeling’ instinct…. which made ‘herding’ more challenging!  It had to be done at 200 mph!  Flora definitely had the “gather” to a ‘T’ because the flock gathered themselves as soon as she entered the field.  Then it was a red bullet shooting across in a dead straight line to the ‘heel’ position which obviously changed as the rear sheep galloped away!  Gradually, with the help of a collie, which distracted Flora occasionally and helped gain control, she realised that I wanted the sheep near me rather than 25 miles away as the crow flies! 

Since those early days, Flora has become quite useful for fetching the sheep and bringing them to me.  And the brakes are better, too, with addition of a ‘stop’ command we can also put them into a pen, so job done!

Mouse -Top Stud 2018

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We are so happy to announce that Mouse, Foxthyme Maori, is Our DogsLancashire Heeler Top Stud 2018.

He is a very handsome chap with a jaunty step and together with our Pickle, Ch Rosepip Neteret Eset, has given us three amazing litters.

2018 was a stunning year for Madincrowd and Mouse’s Madincrowd offspring helped earn him his title:

  • Dora, Madincrowd Bathsheba JW, winning her first Challenge Certificate at Crufts, and then a second at Paignton Champ Show;
  • Katy, Madincrowd Mercy Chant, winning her first Challenge Certificate as a puppy at the Welsh Kennel Club Champ Show, and taking Reserve CC at National Working & Pastoral Champ Show
  • Boris, Ch Madincrowd Gabriel JW, winning Challenge Certificates at East of England and South Wales Champ Shows
Katy – The Mighty Mouse – Boris

Discover Dogs, Crufts 2019

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Once again we helped out on the Discover Dogs stand at Crufts 2019 on Thursday and Friday.  It was extremely busy both days and lots of interested people to talk to.  We were even interviewed by a group of French students who were doing a school project on Dog Breeders, their English was very good as my French is virtually non-existent but their list of questions was two pages long!

It was fun that we were on the stand with Flora and Trevor, mother and son, who are beautiful liver and tan Heelers.  Many people were interested to see the two contrasting colours as our dogs are the usual Black and Tan, and often the photos do not do the liver colour justice.

Trevor, at just five months’ old, attracted an awful lot of attention 🙂

It is an exhausting day for both dogs and owners but we all love doing it since we are happy to talk Heelers all day long!

Dora’s Crufts Trophy

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For the past year we have been looking after a fourth Heeler though unfortunately we shall have to say farewell to her this week; Dora’s Crufts Trophy for Lancashire Heeler Best Bitch will be returning to Crufts to be passed on to the next winner of the title.


Dora, Madincrowd Bathsheba JW, won the beautiful wooden trophy which was presented last year by Foxthyme in memory of Jackie Cartledge, who we all sadly miss, especially around the show ring which is an emptier place without her.   So we wish everyone attending the best of luck and enjoy your day in the ring – we all take the best dog home whatever happens!


We won’t be showing this year but will be on the Discover Dogs stand as usual so do hope to see some of you at Crufts 🙂