Dora and her puppies

Dora’s Diary – Day 16

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Scroll down for the latest video! So the puppies are 16 days’ old now, their eyes are open and they are certainly getting more mobile though there is a lot of rolling over rather than walking!   The puppies have all tripled their birth weight and eyes opened around day 12.  They are kept in our study in the quiet until they are more mobile when they will be brought out into the sitting room and […]

Shiny new puppies!

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We are thrilled to announce that Dora, Madincrowd Bathsheba, has given birth to five gorgeous puppies.  Mum and pups are all doing well. Dad is the handsome Sox, Welshmoor Bobbysox, owned by Debra Dawes. More news and photos to follow ….

Katy – Top Puppy 2018

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We are thrilled to announce that Katy, aka Madincrowd Mercy Chant, is Our Dogs’ newspaper Lancashire Heeler Top Puppy 2018! Lynn has done an amazing job of showing her and she is a stunning looking puppy (along with her siblings!).  She also follows in her big sister Dora‘s footsteps who was Lancashire Heeler Clup Top Puppy 2014!

New Government proposals on puppy welfare

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Long overdue but welcome news: The Government is developing proposals to crack down on puppies being reared in unhealthy circumstances by unscrupulous breeders who have a total disregard for their welfare. Puppies cannot be bought unless their mother is present under new laws – click here to read more from Defra and an article published in The Telegraph on 22 December 2017    

Lancashire Heeler Puppies at 16 days’ old

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Not brilliant quality but another little video of the gorgeous puppies snoozing whilst Mum Pickle is off eating again! She constantly grazes on a varied menu which includes goats milk, scrambled egg, sardines in tomato sauce, sachets of puppy food, Akela kibble, fish sticks, greek yoghurt, cottage cheese, salmon, raw steak mince – the list goes on!  Thankfully she is doing well and being an amazing mum, the pups are gleaming and constantly washed at […]

Newborn Lancashire Heeler Puppies

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Pickle’s latest litter of puppies In the early hours of Wednesday morning, 6 December 2017, Pickle gave birth to four puppies – one boy and three girls.  Here is a short video of the newborn puppies a few hours later when Pickle had cleaned them up and was more relaxed: