Hardy Heelers from Wessex

Out and about on Dartmoor

Lancashire Heelers are a small, hardy dog.  Affectionate and playful, the breed was originally developed to help with cattle-herding – our ducks provide slightly less of a challenge, but certainly no less fun!

At MadinCrowd our three Heelers are first and foremost pets but we breed the occasional litter, have fun doing agility and show them, plus attend Discover Dogs and Game Fairs around the country to help promote this Vulnerable Native Breed – and have set up this website to help you to find out more about this breed and our lovely dogs in particular!

Have a look at our blog posts to find out what we get up to with the dogs and various items of interest to do with dogs in general!

Also check out our Resources page for extra Heeler info and other doggy-related links.

Our second litter was born on 11 July 2015 so click on the link below to see our three puppies with mum Pickle at 12 hours old!


new puppies 2015 Day 1